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7 out of 23 MMA pros suffer brain damage

Sherdog’s “pro picks” return, where they ask fighters, coaches, and various other MMA industry professionals who they think will win in the Kimbo / Ken fight. The last time they did this segment, there was controversy over a quote had Phil Baroni claimed he never made. This time I expect controversy because 7 out of 23 fighters are mentally deficient enough to think Ken Shamrock can actually win tonight. Here’s some choice quotes:

Chael Sonnen: No reason to think Ken won’t throw this fight the same way he did the last one. Kimbo, round one.

Charlie Valencia: I think it is a joke. Shamrock is getting a payday and Kimbo is getting an easy win.

Guy Mezger: Obviously Ken is my friend and I’m going with him. I think he has seen Kimbo’s devastating power and he’s older. He can’t take the shots to his head as much anymore. I think he’ll go back to his roots. He’s a wrestler and if his body has healed up the way he says it has, then he’ll be able to wrestle him.

With guys like Mezger (heh), they’re close friends of Ken and can’t really pick anyone else, right? It’s kinda like how everyone in Montreal is ‘picking’ Patrick Cote but secretly they’re making sure he’s got life insurance and a will prepared.