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7 more years?

My God this Ariel Helwani. He noticed a casual comment Dana White made on the Underground forums and through that managed to ferret out White’s rough retirement schedule:

“It’s not that I have this plan that I’m out in seven years. I know what the seven-year plan is with this Fox deal, and I think my place in this sport and in this organization … I’ve always known what it was that I wanted to do, and I absolutely know that we’re gonna do it in the next seven years. I know where this thing’s gonna go and where it’s gonna be, and I think that in seven years the sport — the athletes that are competing in this sport, building all the weight classes, doing all the things that need to be done — we’re gonna get this stuff done in the next seven years. And the one goal that we did set out to do was to get this thing in every country. We’re gonna be there in seven years. So I’m not saying ‘Oh, I’m retiring on the day this Fox deal is up,’ or anything like that, but that is kinda what’s on my mind.”

If his heart doesn’t explode like a hand grenade inside his chest first from all the stress and rage he pumps through it every week.