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5 months training for 17 seconds of fighting

I dunno who was angrier about how Kimbo’s fight on Saturday went … him, or me. This is the second fight in a row that Kimbo has burned through like a Malibu wildfire, with his opponent lasting 17 seconds and maybe 4 strikes before deciding to puss out.

Moments after he won, you could hear Kimbo complaining “I didn’t even get to fight!”, followed by Gary Shaw and his spawn consoling him (hopefully with the promise of another fight in the next two months). I have to admit that while I wasn’t on the Kimbo bandwagon before, I am now. It’s not really because of anything I saw in the fight … 17 seconds isn’t really long enough to say anything definitive about the brawler. But I sympathize with the dude … he’s spent almost a year training MMA now and all he wants is some fucking respect. I doubt very much anyone is going to give him much based on this fight.

Respect is earned from three round barnburners, not 17 second slaughters. Just ask Houston Alexander … while there’s an army of retards out there proclaiming him as the next big thing, most of us know you can’t tell the measure of a man from his two short fights. There’s simply too many questions which haven’t been answered. And so it is for Kimbo Slice … the only question this fight answered was “How big of a vagina is Bo Cantrell?”

  • dignan says:

    Yah…Bo pussed out HUGE. It looked at first like Mr. Slice rocked him with an uppercut, but on the replay the punch either hit him in the chest or missed.

    Followed by a fall and slap of the mat…not to be confused with a slap and tickle.

    Anyways…the dude still looks like a fucking beast/convict. Maybe they can get a match between him and Bas.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    After reading that mmajunkie article about how over-hyped Kimbo is, I watched the suggested video of his pathetic fight with a fat former police officer. Not inspiring. Maybe he’s improved though.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    dignan, a fight between Bas and Kimbo would be a freakshow. Bas would tool him like a girlscout. If you like Kimbo at all you shouldn’t wish that on him.

  • Swedish guy says:

    DAMN that Boohoo Cantrell took a dive!

  • Xavier says:

    Gary Shaw is MMA’s Vince McMahon after that debacle.

  • Emil Rehnberg says:

    So where is the $kala articles? Just love how Kevin had to listen to him afterwards.. And how he ran after Nick.. True dislike

  • Kimbo appears to be the real deal. But until we see him matched up with some fresh fighters, we won’t see what he’s full capable of.

    Great site by the way.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    Dude gave up sex for 4 months. I would have grabbed a ring girl and spewed my seeed all over the ring.

  • Matt says:

    Anyone else see the puddle of piss Cantrell left in his corner?

  • Trol says:

    Kimbo will need a decent MMA boxer/striker to go up against. Some one with a ground defense and not scared of his punches. Cantrell looked fucking terrified at the stare down. Kimbo was focused and look like he was ready to rip Cantrell’s arm off and beat him with it.

    One thing we did see from Kimbo, fighting in a packed house has no affect on him. He was cool and never showed a sign of being nervous.

  • Audacity says:

    Kimbo needs to get his ass kicked by Fedor. Being beaten by Fedor is to a fighters popularity as death is to a rapper’s record sales. Worked for Lindland.

  • Lindland has always been a fan-favorite because he was martyred by the UFC for being boring

  • Beau says:

    Cantrell took a dive. I dont know if he was payed to do so or just did it becuase he’s a huge pussy. If they payed him to do it they should have told him to make it look more realistic, or at least wait a minute into the fight to lay on the canvas and tap for no good reason. Sucks for Kimbo as well as Kimbo fans. Hopefully they can get him back in against an opponent who will let him beat them for real. How about the fat guy that lost to Silva. He weighed like 271 so he could make the cut to 265. He looked like a punching bag with arms but at least he didnt give up.

  • Cantrell probably got a deal with EliteXC to come back and fight again because he stepped up to fight Kimbo last second. But yeah … after that performance I wouldn’t want him back … the guy wouldn’t even lose with dignity.

  • 17 seconds of “fighting”.
    I like orange BTW. You boys musta known it was my favorite color.

  • Jonathan says:

    Where was Ruben Villareal…I mean, isn’t it his job to come in at the last moment and take a beating for a paycheck?

    Alas, I too believe that Cantrell took a self-perscribed dive….he didn’t want to mess up anything up for himself.

  • dignan says:

    Bas vs. Kimbo…teacher vs. student. Bas would school that guy.

    Bo Cantrell was worse than that white dude who fought Tyson after he got out of prison.

  • el feo says:

    Get ready to dust off all the old chuck norris jokes and replace his name with KIMBO..

  • el feo says:

    None other than Peter McNeeley..

  • intenso says:

    LMAO at the first comment: Mr. Slice

  • Thomas says:

    Love to see Brock Lesnar vs Kimbo. Match of the mma overhyped newbies