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DJ Hapa is a winner

You probably remember ‘DJ Hapa’ as the dope who encouraged people to boo Royce Gracie and Sakuraba over the PA system during their match. Dig a bit deeper and you find out that he was booked to try and draw out more Korean fans for the Dynamite show. What you probably didn’t know is that Steve, one of our long time readers and constant commenters also goes by the name ‘DJ Hapa’.

Why, you ask, should I care? Because Steve just won the first ever Fightlinker giveaway. Last week’s radio show was all about the Mailbag, and Steve was one of the guys who submitted a question. With that simple act, he won one of the new Team Quest t-shirts pictured in this post. Congrats Steve, and a reminder for everyone else: keep your peepers peeled for more contests and prizes!

  • Jonathan says:

    So Gery Millen, Armando Garcia, and DJ Hapa walk into a bar…

    And the bartender shoots them with his 12 gauge!

  • Wu Tang says:

    What the ace? WTF? WTH??? Man, i want a free teeshirt! Fuck, good job DJ! Ill give you a lesson in bjj (from a white belt to You, what belt are you?), free one too!!! if you trade for just one shirt, dont worry, i only know one move, but cant do well… the shirmp? wtf is that move? ahehe.

    – j

  • Mike O says:

    one time i submitted jeremy horn with the shrimp