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WEC is the place to be

MMA Weekly just released the pay figures for last weekend’s WEC show, something that I’m sure most people didn’t bother to look into. However, that’s what I’m here for : to fuck your unsatisfied girlfriends and to point out shit that you might otherwise miss.

Title Match & Main Event Fighters
-Doug Marshall: $8,000 (defeated Justin McElfresh)
-Justin McElfresh: $3,000 (lost to Doug Marshall)

Main Card Fighters
-Jason “Mayhem” Miller: $30,000 (defeated Hiromitsu Miura)
-Manny Tapia: $8,000 (defeated Brandon Foxworth)
-Sherron Leggett: $6,000 (defeated Charlie Kohler)
-Ariel Gandulla: $6,000 (defeated Gary Padilla)
-Marcus Hicks: $6,000 (defeated Sergio Gomez)
-Ed Ratcliff: $6,000 (defeated Johnny Sampaio)
-Eric Schambari: $6,000 (defeated Art Santore)
-Art Santore: $6,000 (lost to Eric Schambari)
-Charlie Kohler: $5,000 (lost to Sherron Leggett)
-Tom Speer: $4,000 (defeated Sidney Silva)
-Sidney Silva: $4,000 (lost to Tom Speer)
-Brandon Foxworth: $4,000 (lost to Manny Tapia)
-Sergio Gomez: $4,000 (lost to Marcus Hicks)
-Gary Padilla: $3,000 (lost to Ariel Gandulla)
-Hiromitsu Miura: $3,000 (lost to Jason “Mayhem” Miller)
-Johnny Sampaio: $2,000 (lost to Ed Ratcliff)
Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $114,000

The big winner on this card was Jason Miller, getting paid a whopping 30k. This is pretty damn impressive considering that George St Pierre was paid 27k to fight and 27k to win against Matt Hughes at UFC65. Also impressive because that’s 22k more than any of the other fighters on the card were paid. Average pay for most of the other fighters was around 5k-6k, with only 3 fighters getting paid 3k or less. Hmm, how does that compare to the UFC? If you’ll remember, most undercard fighters in the UFC are actually getting paid LESS than the fighters in the WEC. Elvis Sinosic got paid the same as some dude named Manny Tapia to co-headline UFC70. How about them apples?

Hat Tip: UFC Junkie for salary comparison notes