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The UFC is picky

Remember a few days ago I was wondering how much control the UFC has over fighters they temporarily release to fight in other promoters? Well, here’s an example of the UFC flexing it’s muscles on the subject.

Lytle was originally slated to face Justin Weiman, who was forced to back out of the fight within the past week most likely due to injury. Lightweight Yunker then stepped in and agreed to fight Lytle at a catch-weight of 165 pounds.

However, Lytle’s camp informed that the fight has been canceled. And according to a representative from Yunker’s camp, there was pressure from the UFC to halt the fight.

Lytle had been granted a temporary leave of abscence from the UFC to fight Weiman (and apparently, only Weiman). And Yunker, who’s won eight of his past nine fights, may soon be signed by the UFC. It’s possible, of course, that the UFC didn’t want to risk either fighter suffering a loss.

The UFC is frickin’ weird. First things are fine, then they’re not. Why Lytle vs Unknown Dude 1 was fine but not Lytle vs Unknown Dude Numero 2 is a complete mystery. Did someone not fill out the appropriate T12 Document for UFC Match Compliance? Or maybe it was that pesky N6 Change of Opponent Notification and Application form. Getting the UFC let you fight seems almost as hard as getting medically cleared in California.

  • penxv says:

    I know Yunker. He does the matchmaking for the Legends of Fighting Championship promotion in Indianapolis.

    He is super tall for that weight and is a good grappler and wrestler. Lytle would have been favored (and would probably win imo), but I’d give Yunker a fair shot at winning if that fight had gone down.

    He beat Guida pretty quickly.

  • Jesus Melendez says:

    I’ve seen Lytle fight its nothing to brag about. Yunker is alright I know his boxing coach and he’s been working hard on his stand-up, with his reach I can see why Lytle would get the UFC to help him duck this fight.

    When fighting isnt your day job you really shouldnt be there..