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305 pounds

Midsy gives Tim Sylvia some hate for showing up fat to another fight:

Basically, what we found out is that Tim Sylvia is a man who doesn’t care enough to get into shape, a man not willing to put in the work to be the best, a man who would rather fight inexperienced opponents in freak shows than push himself to the point where he’d be fighting at a championship level again.

Sylvia actually wrote on Twitter that he’s lost about 25 pounds, which he may think is an accomplishment but is in reality an indictment: So he once weighed 330?

That’s about 70 pounds more than he would weigh if he really wanted to be the best fighter he could be. When Sylvia last successfully defended the UFC heavyweight title, at UFC 65, he weighed in at 262.5 pounds. When he beat Andrei Arlovski at UFC 61 he weighed in at 258.5. When he beat Arlovski at UFC 59 you could actually see some definition in his upper body.

If Sylvia cared he’d still be a muscular 260-pounder. Instead he’s a flabby 305-pounder.

At least he shaved his fur off this time.

(pic via Sherdog’s Moosin weigh-in gallery)