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30 minutes of what happened

Here’s a THIRTY MINUTE interview with Quinton Jackson regarding the whole monster truck thingy. Here’s where the mainstream media is way ahead of us … they would have given this a snappy name already, but we’ve all dragged our feet on it. Now just because I’m tired of writing out “when Rampage went crazy and thought he was God and ran his monster truck into multiple vehicles and was chased by the cops and then locked up under psychiatric review”, I’m officially christening this whole thing RAMPAGE-GATE. I know, it’s extremely lame and unoriginal, but it’s short and snappy and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about the second I say it.

Bloody Elbow breaks down Quinton’s accusations from the interview of the police being dicks to him, but I’ve always felt that getting arrested is never going to be a pleasant experience. Do I wish the police were able to do their jobs without being cocksuckers? Sure, but I’d also like them to ride unicorns and subdue everyone with rainbows. So long as people aren’t getting hospitalized and killed, I’ll accept it as part of the price you pay when you’re a gigantic delusional ultimate fighter being booked.

Props to jackal Suqleg for the heads up on this!