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-27 million dollars

I tried to watch that movie Pandorum with Cung Le and Dennis Quaid a few weeks ago and had to give up because the whole movie looked like if was filmed by Michael J Fox in a dark closet with a dying flashlight. It looks like most people agreed with my assessment: critics gave it a 28% approval rating and it hasn’t exactly set the box office on fire:

His 2009 release Pandorum, in which he’s adrift in space with Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid, has recouped less than half of its $40 million budget in worldwide gross figures from IMDB and

But the 2010 release of Tekken, based on the video game, gives him a chance to get in front of a larger audience.

Really? Tekken is supposed to be the big break movie now? Fortunately for Cung, he’s not high enough up the list of actors to be blamed when that movie also blows goats.