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203 Pounds: A Sign?


Weigh-in results for UFC 92 are in and Light Heavyweight title challenger Rashad Evans officially came in at 203 pounds. Rashad is an undersized guy for the division and this is the lightest I can memmer him hitting the scales at.

You may think to yourself “Well he didn’t want to risk going over 205 because they don’t have the one pound allowance for title fights”, or “That means he’s been training really hard”. Those are both valid claims that would explain it away in other circumstances. There’s one caveat though: This looks WAY too familiar to a story that didn’t end well.

Jackson’s team is consistently mentioned as one of the best in the sport, but what do you not associate with them? That’s right: championships. For whatever reason, despite their winning, they don’t have any belts to show for it. It’s kinda like being great at getting numbers but never being able to dial them.

The last person from the team to get a shot was Nate Marquardt at UFC 73. We aren’t looking at how obvious it was that Nate was going to lose (VERY), but what weight he came in at. For a 185 pound title fight, Marquardt weighed 182.5 pounds. Take into account that nobody from Team Jackson had a major title fight before that (I can’t think of one off the top of my head).

So it begs the question. How exactly are they getting ready in New Mexico? Coming in light is a sign of overtraining, and the fact that it’s now 2 for 2 when someone from Team Jackson gets a title shot doesn’t bode well. There isn’t exactly a precedent after one example and a step towards the same result, but if Leonard Garcia comes in less than 143 pounds next month we’ll know there is a serious issue with how Greg Jackson is training his fighters when they have a championship match.