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200+ fights at one event (UPDATED!!!)

There’s some strange shit going on down in the bush leagues of MMA:

Asylum Fight League returns for their 12th installment tomorrow afternoon, this time at Club Abyss in Sayreville, New Jersey, and according to their website the card will be another 200+ bout epic. Hey, MMA Journalist digs amateur events and all, but these New Jersey shows tend to have as competitors everyone who’s ever trained in MMA, and everyone who’s ever thought about training in MMA – with the end result often leaving people in the venue on the verge of utter exhaustion and collapse (in fact, a referee actually passed out at one show back in 2007; the fighters in the cage at the time had to stop and revive him).

Maybe I’m just crazy, but 200+ fights seems a bit insane. If you’re going to go that crazy, why not go for 300, you can totally do a rip of the movie poster then and perhaps go for some kind of Guinness World Record or something. But 200+ fights with the suggestion that this is something they’re doing ‘again’ is just insane. This show should be sponsored by whatever hospital gets to do all the fighter CAT scans and emergency work.

**UPDATE** Oh woe is me, I’ve been tricked by Jim Genia into thinking this was real. Actually, I wasn’t really tricked by Jim … it should have been obvious but I still went down hardcore. 200 fights? The average 15 fight card takes like 5 hours.