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2 degrees of shitty MMA shows

So you might be asking yourself … what the fuck does mixed martial arts and the movie Gran Torino have to do with eachother?

The script [for Gran Torino] was so well crafted and understated (and the credits went by so fast) that after seeing the picture, I immediately called Bill Gerber, one of the film’s producers, to find out which one of the many A-list screenwriters who must always be knocking down Eastwood’s door had penned the story. “Are you sitting down?” Gerber asked. He had quite a surprise. The writer, Nick Schenk, who lives in Minnesota, had never sold a feature script in his life. In fact, the only writing work Schenk had done was for “BoDog Fight,” a mixed martial arts TV show, a game show called “Let’s Bowl” and some comedy sketches collected in a DVD called “Factory Accident Sex.” (“That title doesn’t exactly help my career, does it?” Schenk jokes.)

So how about that … the guy who wrote Gran Torino was also responsible for some of the worst dialog in the history of the universe via BodogFight. Many of you may have blocked out the memories of just how terrible that show was, but I implore you to look back and remember. Remember the conversations between Bif Naked and Calvin Ayre as he sent her on super spy missions around the world to help string together fight segments for the show. That shit was like television AIDS. I don’t know how that makes sense, but there it is. It was television AIDS. And now this dude has written a film that’s getting massive positive reviews and is set to win major movie awards. Crazy.

Thanks to Robert at MMA Payout for the heads up!