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2 dead in MMA

Up until today I was under the impression that there was only one death attributed to an MMA fight:

There has only been one death in the sport of MMA, in an event in Kiev, Ukraine in 1998, where American Douglas Dedge fought against doctor’s orders and despite a pre-existing medical condition that was frequently causing him to black out in training (US promoters were unwilling to let him compete with his condition).

However, this little footnote tucked into Sherdog’s article on Hong Man Choi made me do a double take:

Korea witnessed its first MMA related death at a Gimme 5 event (now known as Neofight) in 2005. The cause of death was due to brain hemorrhaging after the fight, but many blamed the death on the promotion’s inadequate medical standards.

I dug around and found this post regarding the fight, so it definitely seems that a guy did die in Seoul doing what could be described as MMA. So I guess the question is: who else are we missing? How many other people have died in MMA fights? And have these been glossed over because the fights don’t fit the mainstream’s idea of what mixed martial arts is?