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19 million Japanese watched Kinnikuman lose

It’s been said over and over again that Japan loves it’s freakshows. But let me say it once more: JAPAN REALLY LOVES IT’S FREAKSHOWS!

The highest rated quarter hour was the debut of the masked Kinniku Mantaro against Bob Sapp with an 18.1 rating (19 million viewers). The Observer noted that it was Sapp’s third year as the top draw of the night, following a 24.5 rating for his bout with Yoshihiro Takayama in 2002 and a 42.5 rating (54 million viewers) for his record setting bout with Akebono.

Here we are crying over the high ratings for Boburu Sappu vs Anime guy, while I’m sure the rest of the world weeps as more people watch American Idol than vote in the presidential elections. Other top draws in Japanese MMA: TV comedy host Bobby Ologun and Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett.