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$120 for Mac Danzig’s GF

Oh poor Mac. One day we induct him as an honorary Jackal and the next we make whore jokes about his masseuse girlfriend. Ah well, if he’s really part of the gang, he knows that’s just how we roll.

Of course, now we know why Mac was in such a pissy mood all through TUF6 … the house is hard enough for a normal person. If I was used to getting deep tissue massages as well, I’d have gone bonkers. Anyone who hasn’t had one of those before hasn’t fucking lived. It’s like getting your ass kicked, but it feels awesome.

So here’s one thing for sure … next time I’m in Los Angeles, I’m getting Mac Danzig’s girlfriend to rub me.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    $120! Fuck that I pay $5 for a hot Thai chick to give me traditional Thai deep tissue massage for 2 hours, once a week is usually enough no matter how much I train!

    Shit even if I went to a high class ‘Resort’ with a choice of 40 stunners and get deep tissue action with a happy ending it only costs $40 for two hours…

  • marshal says:

    Those massages are great! I spooged soft from the pain.

  • Yeah but tiger, did they rub hepatitis in for free or was it extra charge?

  • dignan says:

    Not usually against your posts, but pretty rude on this one. Mac sorta asks for it…but still a bit harsh.

  • well she’s not REALLY a whore :-p

  • marshal says:

    I really liked the whore reference. Holier than thou Mac is a lucky man. I just wish he would take it easier on the less fortunate scum.

  • Xavier says:

    No, she’s probably a whore.

  • jjdnb says:

    “well she’s not REALLY a whore :-p”

    I’m gonna pretend you didnt say that and ask for a happy ending when she is done rubbing me.
    Where does that whore work? anyone know?

  • operator says:

    Haven’t you seen how moody Mac Danzig is he will hunt you down and make you eat vegetables and make sure you don’t step on any bugs or he will fucking maim you.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I seriously doubt that Mac would wig out. Being the sensitive type, I think he would realize that my requesting some happiness in this otherwise f’ed up world is only natural. Besides, I think that deep-down it excites him to know that his chick is doing her part to make this world a happier place.

    Peace, out.

  • Truth says:

    Wow this is supposed to be a website to get information about fighters…what a bunch of bullshit. This article is absolutely terrible and honestly, who the fuck cares?