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12 for 12 parlay on UFC 131 nets guy 50 grand

There was at least one person out there who was very happy that the judges gave Michihiro Omigawa the screw on Saturday night at UFC 131. Our friends at BetUS just announced that a bettor pulled off the ultimate parlay bet, stringing together every single fight into one gamble and going 12 for 12 on his picks:

He got all 12 fights right at UFC 131, and put his money where his predictions were. The online sports book confirmed on Monday that a bettor (who has not been publicly identified) put down $200 on a 12-fight parlay, went 12-for-12, and made $51,547.

“Hitting parlays in MMA happens often but to hit every fight right on a 12-fight card in one night is unheard of, especially that the parlay included a mix of favorites and a few medium underdogs, including two controversial decisions that went in the bettor’s favor.” Bodog Sports Book Director Richard Gardner told

Parlays are always the best way to turn a night with meh odds into a good night for gambling, especially if you see a few fights on the undercard with the wrong guy as the underdog. The dude who’s now 50 grand richer went mostly with favorites but was rewarded for picking Joey Beltran over Aaron Rosa and Darren Elkins over Omigawa. No word yet on if he plans on sharing some wealth with the moron judges that made the Elkins win possible and kept his parlay from dying on the vine after the first fight.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    probably was the judges

  • frickshun says:

    I can’t hit 3 fight parlays & he hits this??


  • CAP says:

    No shit. I see that as pissing away $200. Somehow it worked out. He should play the lottery.

  • Lazarus7 says:

    I managed to hit an 8 fight parley on the weekend :)


    Had Beltran, Poirier, Soszynski, Weidman, Cerrone, Herman, Florian & Dos Santos.


    $10 for $180 return…got bloody lucky on the Herman one though I thought he was done

  • fightlinker says:

    If I could actually get some fucking money into a betus account I’d rock parlays all the time. Out of a 10 fight card there’s usually a few 3-4 fight picks I could string together