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Coming into UFC 88, the thing that’s pissing me off the most is all the talk trying to build Rashad Evans up as this undefeated fighter who’s never lost. Sure, no one’s really doing it in the context of ‘He’s going to beat Chuck because of this’ (we fortunately don’t have that level of bullshit punditry going on in MMA yet), but it still annoys me to hear people holding up Rashad’s zero losses like it means something.

Continuing to hype Rashad as a big deal because he has no losses on his record is like trying to sell Sarah Palen’s foreign policy chops based on Alaska’s proximity to Russia. Yes, Alaska is close to Russia. NO, THAT DOESN’T MEAN FUCK ALL YOU DUMB SHIT LICKING CUNTS.

Tito Ortiz BEAT Rashad. Michael Bisping BEAT Rashad. Go take a look at those last two fights he was in – actually WATCH the 30 minutes worth of fighting that makes up those bouts. How anybody can ignore that amount of visual suckage in favor of a zero in his record is beyond me.

Hey, I’m not unreasonable – there are ways to clarify statistical wackiness in sports. They added an asterisk next to Roger Maris’ 61 home runs, right? So how about a big fat one next to Rashad’s record as well? So then it will look like this:

Rashad Evans: 11-0-1*

*Yeah, technically this loser hasn’t lost once yet. But anyone with a brain knows what happened in those last two fights. So shut the fuck up about the zero. I’m not saying it’s not ‘legit’. I’m just saying it doesn’t accurately represent the reality of the situation.