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1001 quotes with Dana White

Everyone has been to lazy to type up a full transcript of the post-UFC73 press conference. The closest we’ve got so far is with a collection of important information from Dana White. And man, does it seem like he’s got shit figured out now. Considering how stingy he’s been for info the past two events, he really gave the goods this time. Here’s a couple statements with commentary:

(Regarding Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans) “I didn’t know that he lost a point. We have to see a rematch between Tito and Rashad. It was a good fight. If it went five rounds, it would have been very interesting”

First off, how can you miss the point deduction? Aren’t you ringside? Aren’t you paying attention? Secondly, I guess his second statement on Tito gassing gives us some perspective into the rematch. Even though Tito won the fight on the scorecards (minus the point deduction), Dana saw Rashad winning if the fight had gone longer. Of course, this is a bit strange … if Rashad had a chainsaw he would have won too, but since the rules say no chainsaws and 3 rounds only, it’s kind of a null point. Fucking stupid Unified Rules.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

I would really like to know what Dana White’s definition of ‘very soon’ is. If you consider time and the universe as an infinite reality, then eventually every single possible thing that could ever happen will happen sooner (in the next five seconds) or later (the next 5 bajillion years). However, I wouldn’t describe this HBO deal as something that falls into the ‘sooner’ category. So just stop saying it because you’re starting to look like a teenage girl waiting by the phone all night for the captain of the football team to call you.

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

This is a classic example of Dana White talking out both sides of his mouth. Just two weeks ago Dana White was backpeddling on the Wand-Chuck matchup, and now again he’s saying it looks good. Here’s where most people call Dana White a big fibber and a smelly pants, but the truth is that public statements are used all the time for business ends. All this talk of the fight being off could have been a ploy to push stalled pay negotiations with Wanderlei’s camp. Or maybe Dana just has no idea what the fuck he’s doing. Which seems to be the consensus of all the 14 year olds on Sherdog.

  • Jonathan says:

    When it comes to Dana White, my attitude is “Show Me”…like the Missouri state.

    Dana White is the next Gerry Millen