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10 million low blows kinda ruin Green vs Lauzon

What would have otherwise been a damn sweet fight kinda had the gusto taken out of it by a series of nut shots. Bobby Green came out strong in this fight and bullied Dan Lauzon around, pushing him into the corner and unloading before a low blow stopped the action for a few minutes. Twice more the same situation played itself out … Green attacked, Lauzon would get in trouble, and then he’d eats a shot to the groin and the action would be stopped.

There was a lot of talk in the announcer’s booth as to the seriousness of the low blows, and they were somewhat borderline. You got the feeling that Dan was trying to regroup … the whole fight he didn’t seem ‘on’. But in the end, his slick ground game was enough to pull him through the bout. He grabbed onto Green’s leg and worked for an ankle lock, and then followed that up by landing Green’s back during a scramble. With 10 seconds left in the first round (which took a good 15 minutes because of all the low blow stoppages), Lauzon sunk in a rear naked choke and tapped Green.

Lauzon is gonna get a lot of shit over all the low blows on this fight. Considering Green looked like he was steamrolling him before each one, there’s definitely gonna be people out there saying Dan dove like a soccer player to save his ass. I’m not gonna try and estimate the level of pain Dan may or may not have been, but there’s no doubt all three kicks hit Lauzon in the ‘no no zone’. So even if Dan did play those up, it’s still Green’s fault for hitting him there.

As for Green, he earned a lot of fans tonight. If he can get someone to polish him up on the ground some more, he could be someone to watch in the future. His aggression and striking were pretty impressive … but was it because Green is the real deal or because Lauzon was off?