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200k a year for the right to sponsor fighters

Dave Meltzer has more info on the UFC’s new policy of charging wannabe sponsers a cool 100k for the right to sponsor their fighters: turns out that’s 100k every 6 months! He also points out that the guys getting raped by this are the ones the UFC is already raping – the prelim fighters making less than 10k per fight who weren’t exactly swimming in sponsorship money to begin with:

But this is going to cut it back heavily, and with the exception of the top fighters, most in UFC are struggling, and even those who aren’t for the most part are going to have short-lived careers and many are going to have significant medical bills after their careers are over.

Fingers crossed that this sponsorship money goes back to fighters somehow and not into more sabre tooth tiger skulls and multi-million dollar mansions.

*UPDATE* Yes, I originally fucked up the number amount on the title. To be fair though, you suck too.